System Computing Services provides:

  • Design and consultation for client-server applications and service architecture.
  • Enterprise-level infrastructure in a hosted environment.
  • Lifecycle management for virtual machines and operating systems, including planning, licensing, deployment, configuration, maintenance, tuning, patching, and decommissioning.
  • Basic monitoring and alerting of service availability for SCS-hosted servers and applications.
  • Data backup and recovery services for SCS-hosted servers and applications.

Client Responsibilities

  • Designate one or more named responsible contacts for the SCS-hosted applications.
  • Ensure the SCS-hosted applications remain up to date and configuration is secure.
  • Ensure the SCS-hosted applications comply with applicable policies, terms of use, and license agreements.
  • Notify SCS of significant updates or changes to architecture, or usage, of the SCS-hosted applications.
  • Notify SCS immediately in the event of a suspected or actual security incident.