Dr. Anne Milkovich

Dr. Anne Milkovich is the Chief Information Officer for the Nevada System of Higher Education. Anne has over 14 years of experience in higher education including CIO and related roles at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh and Montana State University. Prior to that, Anne spent 20 years in private sector IT fields and business consulting.

Her education includes an MBA and a doctorate in Higher Education Administration, with research in the practice of academic program prioritization. Her IT experience is primarily in the business management aspects of IT: leadership and management; financial planning and investment management; contracts and acquisitions; portfolio, program, and project management.

NSHE CIO - Anne Milkovich
Dr. Anne Milkovich
NSHE Chief Information Officer
(702) 720-3313

Executive Assistant
Kimberly Fairchild

Kimberly Fairchild is responsible for day-to-day operations of the office of the CIO. Additional responsibilities include grants, policy, and web content.

Communications Officer
Roberta Roth

Roberta Roth serves in the Office of the CIO assisting with strategic planning, communication planning and outbound customer relationship activities. The Communications Officer also serves as Training Coordinator for the Workday Learning Center and facilitates the Workday Campus Liaisons group, the Workday Change Management Liaisons group, and the Campus Solutions Governance group.

SCS Departments

Infrastructure Services
Kirk Fitzgerald, Director

Infrastructure Services maintains the state’s research and education network (NevadaNet) connecting all NSHE institutions as well as hundreds of research, education, healthcare, and state agency sites across Nevada. The Infrastructure Services team also manages and delivers server and hosting services through design consultations, enterprise data storage and backup, monitoring, and computing resource management. Other services include provisioning of NSHE-wide identity and access management for employee accounts, federated single sign-on multi-factor authentication, role-based access provisioning, and web, database, and domain name services.

Data Center and Facilities Planning
Richard Ayala, Director

The SCS data centers house computer, server, and networking systems and components for our information technology services. Storing, processing, and delivering large amounts of mission-critical data to our NSHE clients requires extensive redundant power supply systems, cooling systems, network connections, monitoring, and robust security. The Data Center and Facilities Planning Department (DCFP) ensures the reliability, efficiency, and physical protection of the data centers and NSHE’s core applications. The DCFP team also ensures that the infrastructure systems are properly operated, maintained, upgraded, and repaired when necessary.

Information and Application Services
Jerome Gomolka, Director

Information and Application Services (IAS) provides institutional administrative support for PeopleSoft Campus Solutions. In addition, IAS is responsible for Campus Solutions Feature Enhancements, Modifications, and Interfaces; managing quarterly updates, version releases and upgrades to Campus Solutions Systems; and is the administrative support for all legacy and current Data Warehouses.

Workday Enterprise Systems Team
Deborah Whitten, Director

The Workday team is responsible for activities that include: analyzing, designing, configuring, and testing changes and enhancements to the system; developing training materials and providing training and support to the eight institutions; developing and managing integrations, upgrades, and automatic updates to the system; facilitating communication and collaboration with the institutions about Workday; and planning, developing, and maintaining the workday strategic roadmap.

Information Security Services

The NSHE-ISO’s main objectives are to provide guidance and governance through policies, standards, and procedures, deliver high-quality, innovative information security services and solutions, along with a comprehensive education, awareness and training program that will reduce risk for NSHE. We coordinate and lead the efforts and initiatives to protect NSHE digital assets to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of protected information and its surrounding infrastructure, while being mindful of balancing security, privacy, functionality, and ease of use.

Client Services
Brian Anzalone, Director

Client Services manages and staffs the SCS Service Desk, providing a single point of contact and tier 1 support for SCS services. Client Services is also responsible for service and support of videoconferencing, A/V and event technology, endpoint management, web development, application administration, and assorted user services including training, documentation, and desktop support.

Business Operations
Michelle Villanueva, Manager

Business Operations ensures funds are available and equitably distributed for all our projects and services and administers SCS contracts, including NSHE-wide software licensing agreements. We also provide administrative support to internal personnel and departments and manage offices in Reno and Las Vegas. We routinely coordinate with other NSHE departments, such as System Administration Human Resources for placement and retention of talent, Business Center North for effective procurement of technology, and the System Administration Budget Office for allocation of resources.