Council Charter

The Nevada System of Higher Education Software Licensing Council was formed for the purposes of advocating and negotiating multi-institution and NSHE-wide software contracts. The SLC has expanded to maintain and manage contractual documents, to establish and build vendor relationships, and to coordinate opportunities related to any agreements that benefit institutions or NSHE system wide.  

The mission of the NSHE Software Licensing Council is established as follows:

  • Central point of review and coordination for both strategic and tactical licensing initiatives including:
    • Establishment of the long-term direction for software licensing initiatives.
    • Development and maintenance of a policy on the scope and nature of NSHE-wide software licenses.
    • Assessment and acceptance of all requests for the initiation and renewal of site license or bulk software contracts at a NSHE level.
    • Coordination of the efforts pertaining to the administration of NSHE-wide licenses. 
  • Dissemination of information to its members.
  • A forum for discussion and analysis of best practices and institution experiences with products and licensing issues.
  • Address license and usability issues with software publishers.
  • Empower NSHE institutions to interact with publisher technical support and customer support operations without the direct intervention of SCS personnel, except to perfect compliance with established contract terms and conditions.


WNCPhyllis Mason
GBCDwaine Hiles
Nevada StateBrian Chongtai
CSNChristine Monroe
UNLVVanessa Nagata
NSHE SCSGlenn Heath – Chair
NSHE SCSBrian Anzalone
DRIGlen Wilson
TMCCCheryl Jones
UNRJim McKinney