System Computing Services provides:

  • Highly available, standards-based, Single Sign-on (SSO) federation services for access to cloud/web-based business applications
  • Requirements, standards, and best practices for interoperability between Institutional SSO Identity Providers (IdPs), the SSO federation service, and any other SSO Relying Parties
  • Design and implementation of new connections between the SSO federation service and new cloud-based and web-based business applications
  • Assistance to Institutional SSO Administrators with connectivity between Institutional IdPs and the SSO federation service
  • Communication to Institutional SSO Administrators of major federation service changes
  • Coordination, as the single point of contact, among Institutional SSO Administrators, SCS, and SSO federation service platform vendors

Client Responsibilities

  • Designate two individuals to receive communications as Institutional SSO Administrators
  • Ensure Institutional SSO IdPs that communicate with the SSO federation service meet requirements defined by SCS
  • Ensure that only authorized people use Institutional IdPs to access the SSO federation service
  • Promptly report any suspicious activity or other issues that might impact the health, interoperability, or integrity of the SSO federation service