Setup and Usage guide

he RingCentral app is available for both Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.  The app allows calls to your office number to ring your mobile device.  Missed incoming calls never reach your personal voicemail.  The RC app will send the caller to your RC voicemail which you can check from the app.  Outgoing calls from your device using the RC app appear on caller ID as coming from your office phone never revealing your mobile number.  Also, the entire SCS/SA phone directory is available in the app under Contact.   

You don’t need to go to the RingCentral portal to change your Call Handling settings. 

To learn more and get started follow the link below and enter your 10-digit mobile number.  You will receive a link via text to your respective app store for download.  NOTE: If you opt to go directly to the App Store/Play Store be sure to install the new “RingCentral” app not the legacy “RC Phone” app.

Step by Step Setup

  1. After installing the app tap Sign in
  2. Tap Single Sign-on
  3. Enter your NSHE email address and tap Submit. You will be presented with the NSHE Okta login screen
  4. Enter your Okta username + password and tap Sign In
  5. Read the “Emergency services” popup and tap OK when finished
  6. Allow your device to use your phone’s microphone.
  7. Tap Skip to jump into the app