What is eduroam?

To learn all about eduroam and request a consultation on adding eduroam to your k-12 school, library, or municipal WiFi please see our Nevada eduroam page.

eduroam is a secure wireless network that allows you to access the internet at tens of thousands of locations around the world, including most NSHE institutions, without having to register and reconfigure your device when you travel. See all the places you can eduroam in Nevada and around the world.

How is eduroam different from free guest Wi-Fi?

Communications between your device and eduroam wireless hotspots are encrypted; eduroam is not an “open” Wi-Fi network. Similar to how web single sign-on (SSO) works, your credentials are securely communicated to SCS, and SCS only tells the eduroam hotspot whether you may connect or not.

Connecting to eduroam for the first time

You only need to do this once per device. We recommend connecting from your office before trying to roam for the first time, in case you run into unexpected trouble.

  1. Visit the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT). Click the large blue button that says Click here to download your eduroam installer

  2. Select Nevada System of Higher Education from the Organisation list.

    A screenshot of the "Select Organization" interface on eduroam.org, The Nevada System for Higher Education option is highlighted.
  3. The system will autodetect your operating system and offer the appropriate download. Download and execute the installer.


    If you need to download the installer for a different operating system, click on the Choose another installer to download link. You will then have the option to download a different installer.


    Installer images are taken from the windows install process. Installations on other operating systems will follow similar installation steps.

  4. On the “User Credentials” screen enter your username in the format username@nshe.nevada.edu along with your passphrase.

    If you are using an Android or Apple mobile device, be sure to leave the geteduroam app installed. This ensures your device will continue to use the correct security settings to access eduroam.

  5. With the proper credentials entered, the installation will complete. Click the Finish button to exit the installer.

Now You’re eduroaming!

Your device should automatically connect whenever you are in range of an eduroam hotspot. You can also manually connect by selecting eduroam® from your device’s wireless network list.

Getting Support

If you’re having trouble connecting to eduroam away from the SA or SCS buildings, please verify that you included the @nshe.nevada.edu in your username, and that you are using your current passphrase.

If your passphrase hasn’t expired since you last connected, there may be a local wireless issue at the venue you are visiting. Tap someone nearby and ask if they’re eduroaming. If your colleagues can connect but you cannot, please contact the Service Desk for additional support.